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Application Security Tools

Deliver safer software with better application security tools

The right application security tools can help development teams build safer software faster.

Developers are always managing a balancing act between speed and app security. In many cases, market and client pressures push teams to cut corners on security in order to complete builds more quickly. For example, developers frequently focus on the security of security devops and agile processes internally, but they fail to adequately check vendor or open source code for potential security flaws.

As software continues to become more complex and more integral to enterprise operations, it also represents a significant vulnerability. In fact, web applications are the #1 attack vector for data breaches. Developers clearly know need application security tools that can easily integrate testing into the Software Development Lifecycle, helping to improve security without slowing down the pace of development.

CA Veracode provides application security tools in a cloud-based subscription service that combines automated testing and web application scanning with security expertise and proven best practices to help development teams effortlessly meet the demands of speed and security.

Application security tools from CA Veracode

The application security tools in CA Veracode’s cloud-based service are purpose-built to deliver the speed and scale that development teams need to secure applications while meeting build deadlines.

Automation is central to securing web applications with application security tools from CA Veracode. By seamlessly integrating testing into the development lifecycle, CA Veracode lets developers find flaws earlier in the process when it’s most cost-effective to fix them, enabling teams to to improve security without additional staff, equipment or expense.

A comprehensive suite of application security tools

Application security tools from CA Veracode include:Software Composition Analysis

  • Static Analysis to identify and fix flaws in software you write, buy or download.
  • Web Application Scanning to help find, secure and monitor all web applications, not just the ones you are aware of.
  • Vendor Application Security Testing to evaluate the security of code provided by third parties, without needing access to their source code.
  • Software Composition Analysis to manage the risk of open source components in your applications.
  • CA Veracode Greenlight to identify and fix issues as you write code. Use code review tools running in background to find issues early, reducing development and remediation costs.
  • Runtime Protection to defend against application-layer attacks in real time, providing more effective protection than a web application firewall.