Penetration Testing Services

Understand the true strength and effectiveness of physical security controls in data centers, offices, substations, critical infrastructure and more

Penetration Testing is custom-tailored to your environment and needs to assess specific aspects of your security program and the security posture of your critical systems, networks and applications. Our penetration tests use intelligence gained from the frontlines of incident response to identify gaps in your network infrastructure and configuration that would allow an attacker to access your most critical assets.

Penetration tests offered by Inovasi Solusi Internasional are tailored to specific areas of your network, applications or product. Our Penetration testing services combine both manual and automated techniques using state-of-the-art penetration tools.


Penetration Test Philippines

Understand the environment, system or application being assessed.

Penetration Test Philippines

Search for vulnerabilities that may exist in exposed services or APIs, applications or social engineering.

Penetration Test Philippines

Exploit vulnerabilities using a commercial penetration test tools and internally developed exploit code and tools.

Penetration Test Philippines

Mission may include gaining access to the internal environment, stealing data from segmented environments, or taking control of device and issuing malicious commands.


  • Network Penetration Test Services – External or Internal
  • Web Application Penetration Test Service
  • Mobile Application Penetration Test Service
  • IoT and Internet-Aware Device Testing Service
  • Wireless Network Penetration Testing Service


  • Summary for executives and senior-level management
  • Technical details with stepby-step information that allows you to recreate our findings
  • Fact-based risk analysis so you know a critical finding is relevant to your environment
  • Tactical recommendations for immediate improvement
  • Strategic recommendations for long-term improvement


Penetration Testing is recommended when the main objective is identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your network infrastructure, applications or product. A penetration test is designed to identify security gaps so they can be closed before an attacker leverages them. Penetration tests are not meant to be stealthy. The focus of penetration test is to identify gaps and risks, not avoid detection.

For example, an internal penetration test may start with a known compromise to determine the impact of an attacker having access to your network. The internal penetration test will identify routes available to a standard user where they can escalate privileges, move laterally and accomplish objectives.

Our Security Process Standard


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